My name is Balu Kiri. I have helped people in all parts of Greater Toronto Area for their various real estate needs – may it be buying their first home or upgrading from their existing home, may be it is selling home or investing in real estate.

How it zeroed down to real estate

After a while after I bought my first home in Toronto, I was looking forward to invest in real estate. I grew curious about the real estate market in and around Toronto and decided to study and observe real estate. My basic instinct, to help and educate people, led me to path of becoming a licensed Real Estate professional. Ever since I’ve been understanding the real estate needs and happily guiding clients through real estate transactions.

Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism

I believe in honesty, integrity and professionalism and provide professional services with an approach that is customized for each individual case. Today I represent Century 21 Titans, a leading Scarborough real estate brokerage serving our community.


My professional services are based on a solid foundation of honesty and integrity. What makes my services professional, unique and outstanding is my approach to educate and help people to take informed decision. Along with that I employ my insightful analytical skills to assess the situation and provide best solution.

My basic nature is to help. I love seeing and meeting new people. I do not hesitate to extend a helping hand whenever I see an opportunity. Attention to details, listening and understanding an individual needs has been key of my success. I provide comfortable and easy communication channels for information exchange for all my clients that promote integrity and honesty.

This approach will leave you with enhanced knowledge of real estate market with a fulfilling, rewarding and a stress free experience.My clients have been very happy and would recommend my services.

I am easily accessible and can be reached directly on my cell 416-520-2434 or email balu@TOrealtorGuru.ca

Please feel free to call/email me with any question(s) that you may have about real estate. If you’d like to receive a free market report about what’s happening in our neighbourhood, please enter your email address below and click Ok.

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