Toronto Real Estate Market Report

Toronto Real Estate Market Report

Here are the numbers from Toronto Real Estate Board for the month of April 2017.


April 2017 Toronto Market Update

The trend of price rice continues despite decline in the sales activity. The drop in sales activity is largely due to the provincial government’s announcement to implement foreign buyer’s tax and rent control measures around the region of Greater Golden Horseshoe.

This has sent shock waves through market inducing fear, leading to speculative situation. People are holding back on making any decision. Average buyer is waiting to see if price drops. Of course there would be fewer buyers as foreign buyers may be reduced or not present.

This trend may continue through part of this month before the normal sales activity pick up. Those who do not prefer to be in bidding situation, this is good time to participate.


Yet another month of staggering numbers. Yes, the Toronto Real Estate Market continues the upward trend and is unstoppable. Here is summary for the month of March 2017 compared to the same period last year.

What’s new in Condo market


Greater Toronto Area Stats

Active Listing down by 35.2%
New listing up by 15.2%
It took an average of 10 Days for a home to sell in March 2017

Average prices in Toronto 

Detached – $1,561,780 – up by 32.8%
Semi-detached – $1,089,605 – up by 33.3%
Townhouse – $761,128 – up by 22.0%
Condo apartment – $550,299 – up by 32.0%

Toronto Real Estate Market Report for March 2017

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In February 2017, the average sale price of detached homes in Toronto climbed to $1,573,622 up by 29.8% compared to February 2016. Similarly the price jump was observed in all the major types of houses in month of February 2017 compared to last year. The semi-detached average sale price was up by 27.6% i.e. $1,085,484, the average prices of townhouses were $671,234 up by 15.7% and prices of condo apartments jumped 18.2% to $515,424

In Greater Toronto Area a property took average of 13 days to sell during month of February 2017. The new listings were down by 12.5% and similarly the active listing were down by 50.5% compared to last year. Though the sales activity was up by 5.7% and so was the average sale price up by 27.7% translating to average sale price $857,983 for GTA.

Toronto Marekt Report for February 2017

Infographic for Toronto Real Estate Market Report January 2017

In December 2016 the sales were up on year-over-year basis for the Toronto Real Estate Board market area.

The average selling price at $730,472 was up by 20 per cent on a year-over-year basis. The overall sales activity was up from 4917 to 5338 that is 8.6% up compared to last year

Home buying activity remained strong across all market segments in December 2016.

Greater Toronto Area Stats

Active Listing down by 48.1%
New listing down by 11.7%
It took an average of 20 Days for a home to sell in December 2016

Average prices in Toronto 

Detached – $1,286,605 – up by 23.7%
Semi-detached – $808,920 – up by 8.4%
Townhouse – $662,959 – up by 23.5%
Condo apartment – $466,592 – up by 16.6%

Here is the graphical snapshot of above number